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About 1-800-COMPANY

1-800-Company is a service of Lawyers Limited, which was established in 1906. 1800Company.com offers a complete line of business start-up services that assist entrepreneurs with the organization of legal structures. Forming corporations and limited liability companies, nationwide alongside an entire line of tax and legal document services. You can trust 1-800-Company to incorporate your business, prepare your initial tax status filings, obtain EIN numbers and provide you with corporate supplies. We extend our organizational services with products that help grow your business and keep you in compliance with local, state and federal laws. Business Licenses and permits, privacy and office services, corporate credit building programs and more. Please visit our business services page for more information.

Company History

The one who established the brand is a nationally recognized author and speaker on asset protection, real estate investing and tax strategies. The organization formed the 1-800-Company brand to provide the small business community with a one-stop resource that assists entrepreneurs with business formation services. Their passion has been fueled by their own experiences as real estates investor and entrepreneurs. The lessons learned through their entrepreneurial experiences gave them a passion to protect and grow the finances of clients. They reinvented the path of the industry so that it includes showing the rest of us how to properly structure, form and maintain legal entities to build a financial fortress that protect your personal assets. This passion has resulted in the growth and development of several key entities that offer business services, affording entrepreneurs with fast and easy solutions to grow personal wealth while saving money on taxes and safeguarding your personal assets. This is all facilitated through incorporating your business and planning your financial future while keeping it legal. Staff members also speak regularly on asset protection and investing.

Commitment to Our Customers

1-800-Company will form your business by preparing and filing the proper legal documents in any of the 50 US states, Canada and/or many international jurisdictions with the appropriate government offices. You can take advantage of our highly trained sales staff who can help explain the process and many of your options before you decide to file your business. Once you are a customer, we will process your order and complete your package quickly and easily while focusing on 100% customer satisfaction. If at any time, you are not satisfied with any portion of our service, we will stand behind our satisfaction guarantee and help assure that your needs are addressed so that you are happy with our services and would recommend us in the future.